YBI pool

About YBI

What is YBI

YBi is the abbreviation of YBCoin. YBi is the original token of YBi ecology. It is only issued to partners in YBi ecology. The limited supply is only 5000 , and it will never be issued again.

YBi ecology will be committed to the use of blockchain technology to promote the circulation and development of the high-end art market, while serving the needs of the real economy.

What can YBi do

What can YBi doYBi ecology will combine with the most popular DeFi concept to promote the construction of YBi ecology.

The holder of the YBi tokens can obtain the mining tokens YBii through the pledge of YBi. Both YBi and YBii can enter the market for transaction and circulation, and the subsequent exchange of YBii for physical objects is also supported.

The holder of the YBi token can enjoy the highest rights and interests of YBi ecology, and can enjoy the privilege functions of selling goods through livestreaming to many users of YBi Ecology (currently, there are nearly one million registered users, which will reach hundreds of millions in the future).

The value of YBi token

1.Glory and function value

The holder of the YBi token can enjoy the highest rights and interests of YBi ecology. It is the only basis for participating in the construction of YBi ecology and enjoying some unique rights and interests of YBi ecology.

2.Mining value

Only by pledging the YBi token, can we obtain the mineral coins produced by YBi ecology. The excavated coins have high liquidity, transaction value and storage value, and can be exchanged for various medium and high-end artworks in the later stage.

3.Value in exchange

YBi token can be circulated and traded in various centralized and decentralized trading markets, and has certain circulation value.